Did you love me

Venusian Voltage

Did you love me before when we never even met?

Did you feel that we could pass those serpentine alleys

The dark reality of the ageing city

Come together and breathe each other

Loving and hating all that was on offer?

Did you look at me when you did not even know

Where to look

Bewildered and wild, like a confused child

Looking for a bosom to rest in peace?

While the mighty Ganges caressed and the cool breeze teased

Did you smell me on you even when you had no idea I existed?

Then when you met me and drank me in

Did you feel you had reached an end and that there would be

A new beginning?

Did you love me then like now, like you would

Even if I just appeared like a star and faded away

Before the light years brought you my twinkle?

Did you…

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I will take selfie with “My Boys”



Here is my selfie with my boys . Yes, you read it right “My Boys”.
I am very proud to be a mother of two boys and I cherish every second I spend with them.
When I hold their hand and walk with one on either side , in a way to grab so that they don’t run on a busy street I feel immense sense of pride . Not that I am an unique one to have two boys but that my boys are my identity .
By now you might be thinking that I have some attitude or a swelled chest to have “two boys”
So , let me make it very clear . I craved for a girl child during both my pregnancies but I think it was decided  that a hyper energy soul like me should be blessed with boys so that the energies are complimented .

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Claiming My Space as a Woman in India!


by Rita Banerji 

When I first went to the U.S. from India, as a student, I was 18.  And it was then that I learnt something about being a woman that I could not have learnt had I stayed on in India.

I learnt, with a certain feeling of jubilation, that it was absolutely possible for me, to walk down streets and into public places, alone – and not be prodded, grabbed at, stared down, commented on or stalked by vagrant men that hung around every street corner!  Like most girls who grow up in India, I too went places only in pairs or in a group.  But never alone!  The feeling of suffocation and repulsion in something so simple as walking down a street as a girl or a woman in India, is dreadful.  It is like walking through a war zone with your defenses up, always expecting…

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